1. The Changing Investment Preferences of Indian Households (2008)
by Dr. L. C. Gupta and Naveen Jain
ISBN : 978-81-902410-2-1;  Price Rs. 300/-

This book is based on the findings of an all-India survey of household investors. It brings out their preferences among the major categories of financial assets, such as  direct shareholding and indirect investment through various types of mutual fund  schemes, other investment types, including exchange-traded gold fund, bank fixed deposits and government savings schemes.   
The study provides interesting information about how the investorsí attitude towards various investment types are related to their income and age, their portfolio diversification practices, and the over-all quality of market regulation as viewed by the investors themselves.
For details please click:
The Changing Investment Preferences of Indian Households

2. Indian Share Buyback Practices & Their Regulation (2006)
by Dr. L. C. Gupta, Naveen Jain and Anil Kumar
ISBN : 81-902410-1-X   Price Rs. 200/-

There is very little understanding among investors and even among corporate managements about share buybacks. The present study is the first systematic Indian study on various aspects of share buyback practices from the viewpoint of those directly affected, i.e. the companies and their shareholders. Better understanding is needed about when and in what form share buyback could be beneficial to companies as well as to their shareholders. The present book will help to develop clearer understanding.
For details please click: Indian Share Buyback Practices

3. India's Stock Market and Household Investors 2001-04 (2004)
by L.C. Gupta, Naveen Jain and Utpal K. Choudhury
ISBN 81-902410-0-1 Price Rs. 300/-

The study presents a critical review of the structure and functioning of the Indian stock market, focusing on the period 2001-04. This period witnessed Ketan Parekh led market scam of March 2001 and the UTI-crisis of July 2001. Far-reaching changes followed. We evaluate the developments from the angle of retail investors. We had conducted an all-India survey of household investors in Apr-Jun 2001. There were fast developments, and therefore we surveyed again in Sep-Oct 2002. Other related data for the subsequent period has also been included in order to present an integrated picture of developments. An innovative approach is to keep the spot-light on what investors explicitly stated as their biggest worries. This can be particularly helpful in sharpening the regulatory focus and aligning it to the investors' needs.
For details please click: India's Stock Market and Household Investors

4. How Good are Mutual Funds: The Household Investors' Perceptions (2001)
by L.C. Gupta, Utpal K. Choudhury
ISBN 81-900513-9-3 Price Rs. 270/-

The Indian market regulators are never tired of telling the public that mutual funds are the best type of investment for retail investors. Based on a mailed survey of household investors, this study brings out how the investors themselves perceive mutual funds. The study also presents a critical evaluation of the Indian mutual fund industry as a whole from the investors' perspective.
For details please click: How Good Are Mutual Funds

5. Indian Households' Investment Preferences (2001)
by L.C. Gupta, C.P. Gupta and Naveen Jain
ISBN 81-900513-8-5. Price Rs. 360/-

This study is the third in the series of All-India Surveys of Household Investors, conducted by the Society for Capital Market Research & Development since 1990. The study explores the household investors' preferences, future intentions and experiences, as also their perceptions of problems and opinions about corporate managements, credit rating agencies, auditors and regulators. The study is specially focused on the corporate bond market's development.
For details please click: Indian Households Investment Preferences

6. Returns on Indian Equity Shares (2000)
by L.C. Gupta and Utpal K. Choudhury
ISBN 81-900513-7-7. Price Rs. 300/-

It addresses the much-debated question, viz., what return can one reasonably expect on Indian equity portfolios in the background of historical experience over a 19-years period in India. 

The study analyses the total return into its components, viz., capital gain and dividend and shows the nature of change over time. The analysis covers how the rate of return is affected by price-earnings ratios, company performance and duration of holding and timing of investments.
For details please click: Returns on Indian Equity Shares

7. India's Financial Markets & Institutions (1999)
edited by L.C. Gupta 
ISBN 81-900513-6-9. Price Rs.390/-

This book contains twenty six insightful, policy-relevant and lively contributions by leading experts, including RBI Governor, many heads of financial institutions and distinguished academicians. The presentations were made at a national seminar at Mumbai held on January 29, 1999. The discussions were focused on the need for re-engineering India's financial markets and institutions. The book is divided into four parts: (1) debt market reforms (2) equity market reforms (3) banks, DFIs and universal banking and (4) financial derivatives and risk management. 
For details please click: India's Financial Markets & Institutions

8. Indian Stock Market P/E Ratios (1998)
by L.C. Gupta, P.K. Jain and C.P. Gupta
ISBN 81-900513-5-0. Price Rs. 360/-

This study provides an authentic long period series covering 1980-97 on Indian P/E ratios, along with a perspective on the market's behaviour, volatility and differences among companies of various sizes. It also shows how to use P/E ratios for judging the state of the market and suggests how to arrive at a "justifiable P/E ratio" for micro-level investment analysis.
For details please click: Indian Stock Market P/E Ratios

9. The Roots of India's Stock Market Crisis, 1995-97 
by L.C. Gupta (1997)
ISBN 81-900513-4-2. Price Rs.180/-

The book presents a penetrating analysis of factors behind India's stock market crisis over the period from 1995 to 1997.
For details please click: Roots of India's Stock Market Crisis

10. Shareowners' Geographic Distribution (1994) 
by L.C. Gupta, Naveen Jain and Yash Kulshreshtha 
ISBN 81-900513-3-4. Price Rs. 390/-

The study provides a detailed comparative analysis of geographic distribution of retail owners of shares, debentures and UTI units. It also brings out the long term trend in this regard. It has practical implications for the market's development and the marketing of capital market instruments.
For details please click: Shareowners' Geographic Distribution

11. Mutual Funds and Asset Preference: Household Survey (2nd Round) 
by L.C. Gupta (1993)
ISBN 81-900513-2-6. Price Rs. 250/-

The study focuses on the emerging mutual fund industry and the household investors' assets preferences, based on an All-India Survey of about 2000 households.
For details please click: Mutual Funds and Asset Preference

12. Stock Exchange Trading in India : Agenda for Reform 
by L.C. Gupta (1992)
ISBN 81-900513-1-8. Price Rs. 200/-

This study critically examines the trading system and practices of Indian stock exchanges. Its special focus is on investors' problems and complaints. It also presents the famous Pherwani Committee's recommendations on market reforms and establishment of National Stock Exchange.
For details please click: Stock Exchange Trading in India

13. Indian Shareowners : A Survey 
by L.C. Gupta (1991)
ISBN 81-900513-0-X. Price Rs. 180/-

The study presents the findings of the first ever All-India Survey of Indian Shareowners, based on interviews of about 6000 households. It provides factual data on investors' profile, attitude, preferences and intentions. It also provides a historical perspective on the growth of shareowning population in India and systematic current estimates.
For details please click: Indian Shareowners: A Survey


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